Divine Shepherd is ministering to the women at Ellsworth Women's Correctional Center, Union Grove, Wisconsin. Through their Alpha Ministry Team and the Heart of Worship band they are helping those living in prison have the opportunity to explore and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ. There is hope that once released, these women will have the support of the Christian community and not reoffend.

A recent testimony we received from "Julia"... "I sat and listened to Marida give her personal testimony. I thought, does anyone else feel God's presence here? So lovely. Marida spoke on the verge of tears - tears of love and gratitude out of her own brokenness. Then I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me... "It is her broken contrite heart that attracts my presence. You feel it so strongly because your own heart is broken for me. It's the oneness of the Body experienced through me.

" Yes, this is what heals us at Ellsworth. The connection to God through His Body operating in their weakness by His Strength. The team is so humble. There is no difference between us, only an address.

We are loved on Wednesday evening and this is a safe place for us to be us. We come as we are and grab hold of who He is. We see Jesus in each team member.

In this last part of my journey, prison ministry has been an example to me. A confirmation to me to practice my own gifts and calling; to have more of Jesus revealed to me and to encourage. On my release, I will be in prison ministry but with a different address. I believe this is one of the keys to staying free.

I am bathed in Joy, thanks be to God and Prison Ministry. Julia"

There are several ways you can get involved here at Divine Shepherd.

Most importantly PRAYER! These women so covet your prayers. Prayer requests are sent to the Prayer Ministry coordinators for distribution.

Teachings and small group ministry with the Alpha Team on Wednesday evenings from 6 – 8 pm.

Ministry through music and worship takes place monthly with the "Heart of Worship" band.

Corresponding by letter with the women who are in need of encouraging words and firm direction in Christ like living in Christ. This is a direct request from the choir director who sees this as a very great need.

Discipleship relationships within the prison or once released

Being a Welcoming Church to ex-offenders!

Is the Lord tugging at your heart for ministry to those in prison or once released? We would love to talk with you. God truly is at work here and the ladies are so very much appreciative. 

For more information please Contact Us.